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The history of school

Дата: 26 мая 2015 в 10:29
Автор: Майсак Т. А.

The history of school began in 1992, when in the town,the first Polish classwas openedon the proposal of local residents of Polish origin. It was attended by 15 pupils,their first teacher was Eugenia Galemba from the town of Konin, Poland.

The construction of the school began in 1998.

It is a modern four-storeyed building in the town center with someinteresting design solutions.

The first headmaster of the school was RychardKhudyak. Nowadays, the school headmistress is Galina Bulay.

The objectives of the school are:

  • to improve the quality of knowledge and education of the person through the development of national culture,

  • to strengthen health of students,

  • to integrate the family and school,

  • to create the team of confederates.

The number of students at school is 232 from the 1 to the 11 forms. The pedagogical staff includes 33 teachers.

Despite the young age of the school, it has certain customs and traditions - such as

  • the celebration of Andrzejki,

  • Christmas meetings (Wigilia),

  • the meeting of Spring(Mażanna),

  • One hundred days before the exams (Studniówka).

Parents and grandparents also participate with the great interest in these traditions.

Every year during the summer holidays more than half of the students have a rest in Polish families and children's camps in the Republic of Poland.

Written by Kovalerchik Julia and RavkoPolina.

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